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Applied Sciences Labs

Physics Lab

Basic principes of science as tought in the classroom are verified by the students by performing releted experiments in physics lab. This streanthen's their studies. All equipment and material required for performing various experiments is available in the lab in sufficient number. Learned teachers helps the students to perform and understand the experiments of science. 

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is an important area of engineering , formation of mixture and compounds properties of the materials, its formation and application depend upon the constiuent elements. Study of all these helps the students to understand the properties and application of differnt materials in engineering applications. All this is studied and experimented by the students in chemistry lab under the guidence of a trained teachers.

Communication Skills Lab
A well-equipped laboratory facilitates the communication skill development of students, thus grooming them for better future prospects in the job market. The laboratory contains sound system and audio cassettes on Speaking Effectively and Business English that help in improving speaking skills .This simultaneously provides the students with a feedback of their performance. The laboratory also has CDs of Dictionary and teaching material. The communication lab has been established with the sole aim of improving communication skills of the students wherein the trainers help the students in developing and improving soft skills. Professionals from outside agencies are also invited to impart training on these aspects with a view to develop their overall personality.