Welcome to LGC

What makes LGC the most Preferred Destination among students!

Beautifully-designed and aesthetically landscaped Wi-Fi campus with sprawling lush green lawns spread over 20 acres in the midst of calm and tranquil pollution-free surroundings creates academic environs for learning and teaching. The whole campus is so well-designed that one can have its complete view from anywhere. Blooming flower beds, shady trees and playing fountains inspire the students for the study in all its earnest

Main Office Building Block

The main office building connected with a flight of stairs houses the entire administrative block- Reception office with a spacious Visitor’s Gallery, Principal’s Office, Governing Council’s Office, Admission, Guidance and Counseling Cell, Accounts Office-with all the requisite facilities.

The staff is polite and ever responsive. The distinctive feature of the building is that it has passages and corridors leading to all the classrooms, labs, workshops, library, common rooms, cafeteria etc. the building is well maintained to ensure all time cleanliness and hygiene.

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