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What makes LGC the most Preferred Destination among students!

Hostel facility is provided in the College Campus truly representing the spirit of home away from home where students live in comfortable & congenial atmosphere. Well furnished boys hostel has been constructed in the college campus whereas the girls hostel is under construction .Hostel is under the direct supervision of a trained hostel warden to maintain proper discipline , neat and clean living environment and security to the students. Special care is taken for their meals. However, for the time being, the boarding and lodging facility for the girls student has been provided near the campus with latest furnishing, till the girls hostel comes up on the campus.

Hostel Rules

  • The hostel shall be open to regular students on the rolls of the college. The rooms will be allotted on merit based.
  • The hostel shall be open only to the regular students who are on the rolls of the college. Initially, the rooms are allotted on the basis of merit of JEE (mains) and later on, on the basis of relevant odd semester results.
  • On allotment of a room to a student / group of students, they should check up all the room fittings, electrical fittings, fixtures and the furniture in the room. They should sign a receipt for the fittings / fixtures and furniture in the room in the record register.
  • Every boarder is provided with a chair, a table and a cot. He will be responsible for the items given to him / her. Furniture is not to be shifted from one room to another. Every boarder is to ensure that no damage is done to the Hostel property. Fitting and repair charges for any damage (intentional or through negligence) are to be borne by the boarder concerned.
  • Each student shall stay in the room allotted to him / her and shall not change the room without the permission of the warden.
  • No electric appliances other than the standard fittings duly prescribed, is permitted to be used in the room (s) with the exception of one Table Lamp.
  • Loud singing and playing music system and musical instruments in the room(s) are forbidden.
  • Any hostelers desiring to go out of station or stay outside overnight must take the written permission of the warden during the college hours. Every leave must be recorded in the leave register and an entry must be made in the register available in the office of the hostel warden before leaving the hostel.
  • Ragging of any student inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited. The ragging shall lead to strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel/ college.
  • The residents of the hostel are not permitted to keep any inflammable material, arms/fire arms or any other objectionable material in their rooms.
  • The hostel can be got vacated at any time by the Principal of the College without assigning any reason. The Principal reserves the right to modify, alter or add to the rules at any time at his discretion and without prior notice.
  • Any meeting to be held in the hostel premises should have the prior approval of the Principal / Hostel Warden. Students holding unauthorized meetings will be expelled from the hostel.
  • The mess arrangements will be under the control of the Warden and there will be a Student’s Mess Committee for his / her assistance. Mess off can be given on Saturday /Sunday and other holidays by noting down in a Register kept in the Mess. For a working day, the mess off may be allowed by the Warden, provided the leave is duly sanctioned by the respective HOD / Coordinator of Department concerned.
    1. Guests are not, ordinarily, permitted to stay in the hostel except in the case of parents / guardians. The student must get permission for overnight stay of his / her guest in the hostel. The guest so allowed will stay in the hostel guest room. Their names will be entered in the guest register maintained in the hostel. Stay of guests will be on payment basis.
    2. A boarder allowing a guest to stay in the hostel without permission of competent authority is liable to be fined. A boarder may be expelled from the hostel by the Principal, if he/she is in the habit of staying away without prior permission or is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline.

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