There is a tremendous need to focus on providing quality education that is relevant to current and future industry requirements. LGC has been established with the sole purpose of setting the highest standards of education at par with the international level. LGC is committed to impart meaningful education with an aim to produce competent professionals who are employable globally and those, who want to be entrepreneurs, have the skills, knowledge and abilities to start their own venture.

We are committed to continuous upgradization and modernization of the infrastructure, lab equipment and software, whenever needed. We hope our trained and qualified faculty will adopt effective teaching methodology. We also understand the need of acquiring competent faculty and facilitating their professional growth. The teaching and learning will not be limited to exchange of ideas from books by teachers to the students, rather it involves development of overall personality of the students by special efforts. On behalf of all the management committee, I assure that LGC will contribute enormously and effectively to the careers of all those who have imbibed a penchant for learning new and more skills.

S.Brijpal Singh Sachdeva