Electronics & Communication Engineering Labs

We offers world class infrastructure with state of the art equipment.

The institute has fully equipped / well established labs with latest and sophisticated equipments like D.C. motors, transformers, induction motors etc. where students aspire to learn inquisitively. Students are continuously directed and guided by well-qualified and experienced faculty. Classroom teaching is supplemented by practical work in labs. It is our aim to prepare the students for laboratory work, so that they can perform the practical work confidently, efficiently and skillfully for undertaking the technical responsibilities.


The Basic Electrical Engineering Lab. is well equipped to provide basic practical training to the students to analyze various principles in Electrical Engineering. This lab includes the study of AC circuits, poly phase system, transformers, speed control of dc motor and characteristics of induction motor etc.
Electric Machines Lab:
This lab is equipped with latest machines to give a real physical understanding of various principles of such machines .The lab includes ac and dc machines, poly phase and single phase induction motors, three phase and single-phase transformers, dc motors and generators.
Power Electonics Lab:
The lab is equipped with latest solid state devices and experimental kits.It deals with semiconductor devices such as TRIAC, DIAC, SCR, UJT, Rectifier, Converters, Thyrister, Cycloconvertor etc. Various equipments include-
a) Speed control of D.C motor using Thyristor.
b) Speed control of induction motor using Thyristor
c) Study of single phase Cycloconvertor
d) Study of V-I characteristics of UJT etc.

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