Electronics & Communication Engineering

An Engineering Education Ahead Of Its Time. We believe in Innovation and developing Knowledge

An engineering professional trained in the area of Electronics and Communication Engg. should have adequate theoretical & practical training to handle the advancements. The major fields of Electronic Engineering are Optical Fibre Communication, Cellular Based Mobile Communication and Satellite Communication. We, in LGC teach various courses like Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Electronic Measuring Instruments, Linear Integrated Circuits, Linear Control System, Signals and System, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Fiber Optic Communication, RADAR, Satellite Communication, Microwave Engineering etc.

While the course coverage meets the requirements of the University, we generally plan to go beyond that, so that our engineering graduates are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This information is augmented by inviting prominent scientists and engineers to deliver lectures on key topics. We plan the practical training programs for our students with the key industries in the different sectors.

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