AICTE in collaboration with youth4work has signed an MoU , to provide support and assistance to students of Technical Institutes to get Learning, internship & Placement opportunities. Under the agreement the tests, profiling & JOB/Internship opportunities is made completely FREE for all students & colleges. For this purpose, Online Skill Tests have been developed by youth4work and are available at onlinetalenttest

The students (1st year to final year) should take these online tests to facilitate the youth4work to build an online profile and provide opportunities to them.

Note:  :

  1. -Test duration is 30 minutes and can be conducted from our website link onlinetalenttest 
  2. -Students shall attempt tests on Communication Skills, Sales or any of their core discipline.
  3. -The test will assess their skills like Aptitude, Communication Skills, Engineering or Management through online tests in sets of 10    questions only. The more they  score in these tests, better are their chances of being contacted by Recruiters.